Facial Trauma

Assessing and treating facial trauma of the neck, face, teeth, and mouth, including lacerations and more, require special training and experience.

Facial Trauma Treatment in Birmingham, Alabama

The oral surgeons of Roden Oral, Facial, and Dental Implant Surgery, Drs. Roden and Alling, are highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons with years of distinct training in the management and treatment of facial trauma, and years of experience in hospitals and emergency rooms repairing facial trauma injuries with the least amount of visible scarring. We understand that when facial injuries occur, patients require reassurance and guidance. Our doctors and team are experts at providing calm care in stressful situations, and we do everything in our power to see patients in our office as quickly as possible in the event of a facial injury—we understand how stressful it is to experience this type of trauma. Rest assured that you will receive the very best of care at our practice, with your long-term healing and aesthetic results in mind.

What types of facial injuries can you treat?

No matter what type of facial trauma injury you have, we offer a treatment to restore your oral function and facial aesthetics using techniques that limit the amount of visible scarring. Some of the facial injuries we treat in our practice include

Dr. Roden or Dr. Alling will carefully evaluate your injury and then develop and implement the ideal course of treatment for you.

Please contact us right away at (205) 870-5834 in the event of a facial trauma for immediate treatment. For more extreme injuries or injuries that occur after hours, please head to the nearest hospital emergency room for evaluation and treatment disposition.

If you have questions about the treatment of facial trauma injuries at our practice or would like to request a consultation with one of our trusted doctors, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to speak with you.