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Meet Suzanne

Her three children were all at ease with the friendly staff.

My name's Suzanne, and I'm from Birmingham, Alabama, and we came in to see Dr. Roden because all three of my children needed to have their wisdom teeth removed. When you first walk in the door at Dr. Roden's office, you just feel so welcome. You're just so at ease, and it's just a great atmosphere to walk into. The staff here is so nice. They're so friendly. They're just very interested in you and always so kind. Dr. Roden is fantastic. He's funny, and my kids just automatically feel at ease. The procedures were all quicker than expected. The recovery was so much faster than what I ever anticipated. They didn't miss out on their activities. They were just able to bounce right back. For any of my family and friends looking for an awesome oral surgeon in Birmingham, I highly recommend Roden Oral Surgery.

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